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Multi-Trip Annual Travel Insurance Plans for US Residents:

RoamRight’s Multi Trip Cancellation (see the details)

  • You are under age 75
  • You travel at least 100 miles from home
  • Each trip is not longer than 30 days
  • You do not live in the State of Oregon nor Puerto Rico
  • You want Pre-existing Medical Conditions coverage
  • You don’t need more than $10,000 per person annual cancellation coverage

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Geo Blue Trekker Multi-Trip Medical (see the details)

  • Multi Trip Travel Travel Medical & International Health (only outside the USA)
  • You are under age 85 with a primary health plan
  • Covers a 12 Month Period
  • Each trip is not longer than 70 days
  • Residents of all US States except MD, NY and WA may get the Geo Blue Trekker plan

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Medjet Assist Emergency Transportation Plan (see the details)

  • MedjetAssist is a worldwide medical evacuation & consultation membership program. Members can be transported to the hospital of their choice. You can get MedjetAssist as either an Annual or Short-Term membership.
  • MedjetAssist memberships are available to residents of the United States, Canada and Mexico
  • You will get a Senior Citizen Discount from a well-known organization that won’t let me use its name

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